About Us

The Australian Libraries and Archive Copyright Coalition (ALACC) is an advocate for copyright law reform in the interests of Australian libraries, archives and information providers.

We offer informed contributions to domestic and international copyright law and policy discussions and make submissions to government inquiries and we meet regularly with politicians and their advisers at Parliament House.

We also organise copyright education, including training and online information resources targeted at the library and archive sectors.

The ALACC and its members support a copyright framework that appropriately protects the interests of right holders while ensuring access to important cultural, educational and historic content for the public’s benefit.


The ALACC has nine organisation members, each of whom nominate a representative to provide advice and reflect the concerns of their members on the Committee. The organisational members are:

Management Committee & Staff

Justine Heazlewood

Justine Heazlewood has been Victoria’s Keeper of Public Records since 2003. She has degrees in both history and information technology. In her archives career she has focused particularly on digital preservation, digital archiving and ways to use technology to unveil the rich data in historical records. She has also been involved in initiatives to improve access to records for the Stolen Generations, care-leavers and others whose access to information about themselves has been impacted by government policies.

Justine is the Convener of the Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative (a body set up by the Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities (CAARA) to collaborate and establish standards for digital recordkeeping). 

Copyright Law and Policy Adviser
Ben Rice

The full time Copyright Law and Policy Adviser position is funded by the ALACC to represent the views of the Australian library and archives sectors to Government in the copyright reform process. It is also his/her responsibility to keep member organisations informed about changes and developments on the Australian copyright landscape, as well as relevant overseas occurrences.

The current occupant is Ben Rice. Ben is a lawyer with a background in copyright, public policy and government affairs. He comes to the ADA having worked for Policy Australia as a lawyer and Eloquium as a policy advisor. He has extensive experience conducting research, providing advice, writing submissions in response to government consultations, engaging with stakeholders and monitoring developments in intellectual property, digital technologies and media law. Ben holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Technology, Sydney and is completing a Masters in Public Policy (Economics) at the University of Sydney

Copyright Officer
Elliott Bledsoe

The ALACC also maintains a part time Copyright Officer position, currently held by Elliott Bledsoe. Elliott has more than 10 years experience working in the arts sector, and has held marketing and communications positions at a number of organisations including the Australia Council for the Arts, ABC RN at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Queensland Writers Centre.

He has a strong interest in copyright and creative practice and worked at the Creative Commons Australia project. He also runs Agentry, a marketing and communications micro-consultancy delivering tailored solutions for individual arts practitioners and small-to-medium arts organisations and groups.


Australian Digital Alliance

The ALACC is separate from, but often works in partnership with the Australian Digital Alliance, the peak organisation representing the cross-sector interests of copyright users and innovators in Australia. Both ALACC staff members also work for the Australian Digital Alliance, with the ALACC Copyright Adviser acting as the ADA’s Executive Officer. The ALACC and the ADA contribute equally to these joint positions.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

The ALACC also works closely with the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and has strong connections with many other copyright-related organisations around the world.

Creative Commons Australia

Creative Commons is an international non-profit organisation that provides free licences and tools that copyright owners can use to allow others to share, reuse and remix their material, legally. Releasing material under a CC licence makes it clear to users what they can or cannot do with the material. The six standardised CC licences each allow material to be used in a different way.

The organisation supports and promotes CC activities around the world. Creative Commons Australia is a chapter of the Creative Commons Global Network that supports Creative Commons in Australia.

The ALACC is a member of the Creative Commons Global Network and works regularly with Creative Commons Australia.

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