Joint submission in response to APRA's application for authorisation (A91367–A91375)

05 Jun 2013

We still believe APRA provides composers and music users benefits but the potential for public detriment remains.

In a joint submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding the Australasian Performing Rights Association’s (APRA) application for re-authorisation we, together with the Australian Digital Alliance (ADA), believe that the ACCC’s conclusions regarding public benefit and detriment arising from APRA’s arrangements as a collecting society in 2010 remain valid today. While APRA offers composers and music users significant benefits in terms of assisting users with licences to play music, and ensuring appropriate returns to songwriters, their virtual monopoly in respect of performance-rights licences in Australia means the potential for significant public detriment must be monitored closely. In their application, APRA seek a further six year term of authorisation and the revocation of certain findings by the ACCC in 2010.


You can download the media statement as a Word Open XML Document (DOCX).

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