Joint submission to the Communications and the Arts Standing Committee inquiry into Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions

26 Oct 2020

The proposed Copyright access reforms would improve the position of Australia’s creative and cultural industries in the face of COVID-19 and future challenges.

A joint submission by us and the Australian Digital Alliance (ALCC) to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Artsinquiry on Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions. Amidst the closure of arts and cultural venues and cancellation of arts events early in the coronavirus pandemic prompted the shift to online access to creative works by artists and cultural organisations. This increased reliance on digital technologies to connect with audiences has exposes the limitations of the Copyright Act for creators, institutions and audiences.

In our joint submission we argue that many of the copyright issues artists and cultural bodies experienced during COVID-19 stem from Australia’s outdated and inflexible copyright laws which could be solved by the proposed Copyright access reforms announced by the Government in August. As such, the ADA and ALCC call on the Committee to recommend the introduction of the copyright access legislation as a priority.

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